Oh, dear, I actually ENJOYED that!
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That was clearly parody, but it made me genuinely L-O-L because I'm in the, apparently, teeny-tiny minority of people who are not left breathless and shattered by this show. Admittedly, I have only seen the Hulu presentation. But, hey, there are many theatre productions and one-person shows I've "only" seen televised recordings of which I will always treasure (hello, to Hannah Gadsby's Nanette or my repeated childhood viewings of Sunday In the Park and Into the Woods on Bravo! Remember when Bravo was an arts channel? But, I digress...)

While I enjoyed individual moments in the show, overall, I found it oddly stilted. I found the manufactured emotion and pregnant pauses he littered his monologues with really off-putting and an attempt to add profundity where there wasn't any. To me, it didn't add up to much more than a glorified TED Talk from a motivational speaker interspersed with some impressive illusions. And, that last stunt... while I understand why it could be moving to *experience* it? Solely as a *viewer*... I had trouble not rolling my eyes to the back of my head Liz-Lemon-style as he walked through the audience, staring deeply into each person's eyes and (presumably) using an earpiece or impressive memorization technique to recall their card ID.

Yes, of course we all contain multitudes, yes, of course there is the "you" you project to the world and the "you" you hope the world sees. I feel like I can find that same sentiment on a lot of fortune cookies.

Anyway, I got roundly chastised for my insensitivity and, apparently, my inability to recognize the spiritual level of profundity in this show when I posted this reaction a couple of months ago, so... bring it on!

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