It was never the same story twice.
Posted by: ShowGoer 11:20 pm EDT 04/07/21
In reply to: re: You just want to bring your water bottle back into the theater - Singapore/Fling 11:00 pm EDT 04/07/21

One time it was “no outside food or drink, period” and another time I saw them try to confiscate someone’s durable water bottle saying “you can’t have anything that could be used as a weapon.”
One time (The Front Page) we were told “Nathan Lane doesn’t like the water bottles crinkling when he acts” (never mind that the candy they sell makes 5X as much noise); but when we saw “Gary”, suddenly Nathan Lane apparently had no trouble with plastic water bottles, but because “it’s a short show” they basically came right out and said that the producer wanted us to buy his water.
Enough already.

This water nonsense is a drop in the bucket (no pun intended) of the myriad issues people have with Rudin, to say nothing of what’s going on in the world as a whole.
But this is one time where if cancel culture is coming for the guy, it sounds like it’s long overdue, and in this instance I’m totally here for it.

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