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My experience is that it happens all over. From 1987 through 2018, I worked for a paper company. I loved what I did and it was easily the best job I ever had, but things weren't always perfect. When I started, my supervisor had the title of office manager. However, the guy in charge of my division was company vice-president. He wasn't a bully and was never physically or verbally abusive, but, nevertheless, I would describe him as a racist pig, a jerk, and an incorrigible liar. Our group consisted of about 15 office workers (sales, customer service, clerical -- 13 white and 2 Asian) and about 10 factory/warehouse workers (ran machines, picked orders, loaded trucks -- all African-American).

The boss, although he never used the n-word in my presence, routinely referred to black employees as "the colored" or used other degrading racial names. My two Asian co-workers did the billing and were deathly afraid of him. He treated them as indentured servants. Although salaried, they put in 12-hour days Monday through Friday, plus 6 hours on Saturday and never received any monetary compensation for the extra hours.

There was an office bully in my division, who was impossible to work with. He was demanding, belittling, and rude. When I went to my supervisor about him, I was told "Well, the owner likes him. He's great at cold calling and knows how to close a deal. You'll have to get along with him." Eventually he was transferred to the California office, where he harassed the hell out of my younger brother. Because there were so many complaints about him, he was moved from department to department for years. I think he was finally fired in around 2005.

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