Stupid removal of iconic sculpture from Lincoln Center's Philharmonic Hall, now Geffen Hall
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The lobby's hanging sculpture by Richard Lippold which was removed for the renovation will be moved to LaGuardia Airport. Lippold's sculpture, designed for the building, was as integral to it as the Met's hanging chandeliers with Lippold's sculpture being admittedly, more difficult to love. I loved its dangerous dynamism.

What a clueless decision. I had thought that the renovation work was largely going to be about sorely needed changes in accoustics and audience placement. From the drawings I saw my first knee-jerk response was it looks like ideas taken from the Mostly Mozart setup and Berlin's Philharmonic Hall permanantly shoe-horned into a space not really designed for it. Hope I'm proved wrong when it opens.
Link After Uproar Over Removal, Iconic Lincoln Center Sculpture Will Be Moved To LaGuardia Airport

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