I’m going to miss it.
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I have lost interest in the readings. But I enjoy both the taped plays prepandemic and some of the plays done in the last year (some written for streaming and some productions fully staged).

I don’t miss people talking during the show, fiddling with their playbills, humming along, eating and drinking and chewing gum etc. I’m tall and fat and barely fit in theater seats with my knees pressed against the seat in front of me. Or someone wears a hat during the performance. And i know I’ve blocked peoples view because I’m tall. I have to wear earplugs to most musicals because the sound guy in the back of the theater is partially deaf and cranks up the volume so the sound is overamplified and muddled. Let’s not start about bathroom during intermission.

I think comedies are about the only show that does benefit from an audience. But then I’ve had horrible people over laughing ruining it for everyone around them or cheer and whistle after everysong—the show isn’t about you watching it.

It is so nice to watch a show and go to bed or watch something else without dealing with a 30 minute or more commute to get home.

I’ve seriously contemplated my returning to the theater and putting up with all of that. I think the communal experience is over rated.

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