Whether you're pro or con, it's not going anywhere.
Posted by: ShowGoer 09:44 am EDT 04/09/21
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There's no need to miss it, just as there's no need to ever watch a streamed play again if you don't want to.
But as I've said before, streaming theatre and/or filmed productions are here to stay. It was already becoming more mainstream thanks to everything from BroadwayHD to National Theatre Live in Cinemas to the few things that Netflix filmed themselves like "Springstreen on Broadway" and "Oh Hello". But now that theatres have seen the outreach that 'streaming theater" can provide – thousands of people who've never heard of the Irish Rep or the Mint, for example, tuning in to see their shows from all over the world – it will increasingly be a part of the ecosystem in some way going forward.
Like I say, no one who's sick of theater on a TV screen or computer monitor ever needs to tune in again, just as anyone who watched Hamilton or American Utopia live and saw them as quintessential in-person stage experiences needed to ever watch the filmed versions on Disney+ or HBO Max. But there are also people with disabilities, people growing older, people with social anxiety issues, etc., who will gladly pay to see these things at home. No doubt issues still need to be worked out, either in a blanket way with the U.S. unions or on a show-by-show theater-by-theater basis – and it'll obviously never "replace" live theater – but it's another tool in the toolbox that theatres and producers won't want to give up on so easily.

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