A few FOLLIES thoughts
Posted by: EvFoDr 01:08 pm EDT 04/09/21

Been thinking about the show a lot since the 50th anniversary, and revisiting recordings. Had a few thougths/questions.

I have read that Sondheim doesn't like his songs being changed by artists. I got to thinking about how much the audience just eats up Ethel Shutta's Broadway Baby. But then it struck me that she seems to have crafted her own version of the lyric "a spark to pierce the dark from battery park..." which became "a spark piercin' the dark". And later in the song she speaks/yells "CASH" between some lyrics. Anyone have any insight into this?

Also regarding Broadway Baby, does anyone know why Stritch took the tempo so slow for Follies in Concert? This was my first introduction to the song and I initially liked it, not knowing any better. But once I heard the bright energetic tempo that made so much more sense to me. Again, I heard or read that Sondheim was not a huge fan of what Stritch did with the song.

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