I'm hopeful about the AirTrain
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:22 pm EDT 04/09/21
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I had my doubts at first, but I've come around to this plan.

The AirTrain commute will really come down to whether the MTA increases train frequency on the Port Washington LIRR line, which generally are every half hour (right now they are hourly, but that's partly because they have closed one track to upgrade the rails, likely in advance of the AirTrain).

If they can get them to every 15 minutes, then you should be able to get from LGA to Penn Station in about half an hour, which I have never been able to do via other forms of transit.

Even if the travel time doesn't improve considerably, I think the convenience will be a huge factor. I rarely go to LGA because bus connections can be slow and street traffic around the airport can be excruciating. Much depends on time of day, but I tend to travel during the times of day when traffic is bad.

The other important factor will be cost of the LIRR trip. On the weekends, LIRR travel within New York City is only a few dollars more than the subway. If they made that price standard for the full week (which they should do anyway) or created a special price from Mets-Willets Point, then this could become a very effective way to get people to and from the airport while making more space on the subway and bus for everyone else.

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