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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 09:35 pm EDT 04/09/21
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***I have read that Sondheim doesn't like his songs being changed by artists. I got to thinking about how much the audience just eats up Ethel Shutta's Broadway Baby. But then it struck me that she seems to have crafted her own version of the lyric "a spark to pierce the dark from battery park..." which became "a spark piercin' the dark". And later in the song she speaks/yells "CASH" between some lyrics. Anyone have any insight into this?***

I would guess that, while Sondheim is indeed meticulous about having his songs performed as written, he might have been inclined to forgive an elderly performer for not singing exactly what he had written. Shutta did get it right for the cast album, and I would think that was important to Sondheim.

***Also regarding Broadway Baby, does anyone know why Stritch took the tempo so slow for Follies in Concert? ***

I'm willing to bet, and I mean this sincerely, that she sang it SO slow because that meant the audience's attention would be on her for a slightly longer period of time.

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