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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:15 pm EDT 04/10/21
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I was going to mention the cutting of the montage. I have heard two different reports: That this was done due to lack of rehearsal time, and that, more specifically, it was done because Stritch couldn't/wouldn't learn the montage version. Or maybe she just wanted the focus to be more on her at the end of the number, even though I guess she had to agree to allow Comden & Green and Liliane Montevecchi to join her for the last few words, "in a great, big Broadway show." :-)

The Philharmonic FOLLIES was a major event primarily because of the audience's affection for a brilliant show that had already gained legendary, beloved status even though it was not a big success in its original run, also of course because the concert was star-studded (even if several of the stars were arguably miscast), and ultimately for the the aspects of the concert that were indeed wonderful (Barbara Cook's gorgeous performance, the magnificent sound of that music being played by the Philharmonic). But I think it's fair to say that the performance of the score didn't turn out to be the definitive, complete version that was originally intended, because of the miscasting and also due to changes/cuts that were made to simplify the presentation, partly due to lack of rehearsal time.

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