Rasputin the Rock Opera - Full 3-CD Version
Posted by: Jnf663 (jeremynfassler@gmail.com) 12:22 pm EDT 04/10/21

A few years ago when I was doing lit coverage for a prominent NY theater, someone sent to us a CD of "Rasputin," a rock opera/concept album by Michael Rapp with Ted Neely as Rasputin. The CD had about ten songs, and I was intrigued, in part because A) I'm a Russian theater and history nerd, and B) I couldn't believe that something this ridiculous actually existed. In doing my research, I found that there was a 3-CD box set that contained the ENTIRE score, which is about 2 hours and 45 minutes, but although I've found copies of it on eBay and other sites, they all cost upwards of $300.00. Does anybody have a link to the full 3-CD score that I could download possibly? Would greatly appreciate any help here.

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