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Forgive my ignorance, but did the Follies concert in 1985 not also perform the script? Was it literally just a concert of the music, and not an Encores!-esque minimalist presentation of the actual show? The reason I ask is that if the show was just music, then I can't imagine them casting anyone they didn't want singing the song the way the creative team wanted to hear it. If the concert was more than just music, then I presume they liked what the performers brought to the role overall, including but not limited to song interpretation.

As for Stritch and I'm Still Here, I am fascinated by her performance of it. In At Liberty she performs it giving off a Carlotta style sense of having had a tumultuous life in and out of showbiz. At the Sondheim 80th birthday celebration (where I think she was a good 5 or more years older, and notably more frail) she sings it with a robust relief to that she's still alive and glad to be out here one more time. Honestly, her mannerisms and demeanor in the last minute of that performance are probably a lot closer to Shutta's Broadway Baby than any time Stritch ever performed that song. I'm not sure if any notes were transposed or not; Stritch kind of goes back and forth between legit singing and song-speak. And she might be the only performer I've ever heard with a song-speak belt. Kind of a hyper shout-speak.

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