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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 03:12 pm EDT 04/10/21
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"The show seems to suggest that writing Broadway musicals is a beautiful, noble pure calling while making films is morally ruinous. Well, I guess that's true. Sometimes. Maybe. Under certain circumstances..."

Ha! Exactly. But also, seriously: How believable is it that Charley would become enraged at the information that Frank has worked a deal so that the musical that Frank and Charley wrote TOGETHER will be made into a Hollywood film -- so enraged that he then utterly humiliates his longtime friend and writing partner during an interview on live television? I mean, I know that musical is not his passion project, but........seriously??

I was sad when I very belatedly realized some years ago that, while "Franklin Shepard, Inc." is a brilliant song and a tour-de-force in and of itself, it actually does great damage to the show as a whole and to the character of Charley in particular, because it portrays him as emotionally reckless and childish in his big moment, and I don't THINK that's how the authors wanted us to view him.

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