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***Without taking the trouble to try to locate and listen to Stritch singing "I'm Still Here"--she DID much later sing the song and I believe on multiple occasions, including at least one major Sondheim tribute. Did she transpose down the final high notes? Or did she sing them and they were or were not so painful? Or were the powers that be just being more cautious in 1985?***

I took the trouble to re-watch and re-listen, to refresh my memory. (See link.) On this occasion, the whole song was transposed downward for Stritch, but as you can see and hear, she screams the final notes anyway. She also paraphrases and/or slightly flubs several of the lyrics towards the end. I'm guessing the powers that be felt it was okay for her to perform the song that way out of context in a tribute concert, rather than as part of a performance that was intended to result in a more or less definitive recording of the score of FOLLIES.
Link Elaine Stritch, "I'm Still Here"

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