Original 1983 Broadway Production of NOISES OFF remembrances
Posted by: pecansforall 03:22 pm EDT 04/10/21

It has been almost 40 years since I saw the original Broadway production of NOISES OFF. My sides are still a little sore from laughing. It was THAT funny.

For anyone who saw that sublime production I have a question. I'm trying to remember the sequence of events at the beginning of Act III after the second intermission. Here's what I think I remember:

-Poppy begins her "ladies and gentlemen will you please take your seats" announcement but her spiel is unexpectedly interrupted by the theatre's main curtain rising prematurely.
-The stage is empty and we hear a ringing phone "ring-ring....ring-ring....ring-ring....ring-ring"
-After a few seconds of the phone ringing we then hear an explosive cacophony of something crashing offstage. (Can the sound of a crash be perfect? Well this one was. We heard a perfectly concocted melody of utter chaos).
-The stage remains empty of any actors. Then silence. The audience laughs a little. Then there a longer period of silence. The audience begins a huge laugh.
-As the huge laugh subsides we suddenly hear the telephone urgently begin to go "ring-ring....ring-ring....ring-ring" again
-The main curtain falls very quickly and shortly after goes back up for the "proper" start of Act III

I just feel like I'm not remembering this sequence correctly but I know it was perfection in it's timing. Why do I also want to remember the main curtain only going out half way and then coming back in? Was that also part of this sequence?

Anyone else have fond memories of NOISES OFF? Please share.

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