re: If it's funny to me, I'll laugh.
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 03:36 pm EDT 04/10/21
In reply to: If it's funny to me, I'll laugh. - portenopete 01:48 pm EDT 04/10/21

"Ultimately I don't think it is a great play and not even top-drawer Durang. I think it emerged as a success in a very weak season and appealed to the snobbishness that V&S&M's parents suffered from in naming their children: it flattered the egos of theatregoers who "got" the references and that was seemingly enough. "

I might agree with your first sentence, but I think the rest of your comment is unfair. I really don't think much or maybe even any of the humor in the play relies on the audience "getting the references." In fact, as I recall, most if not all of the references are explained in the text; I specifically remember that the Cassandra reference is fully explained.

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