Maybe deservedly so?
Posted by: portenopete 11:47 am EDT 04/11/21
In reply to: "After Scott Rudin expose there are mostly crickets" - Billhaven 10:29 am EDT 04/11/21

I have no connection to Mr. Rudin other than being acquainted with some people who have been in his shows so I have no personal insight into his behaviour. From what I've heard the accusations amount to him being an a**hole who yells at people- his employees and others- and is an emotional bully and general no-goodnik in human terms.

I can well understand that there are a lot of people who would choose not to work for Mr. Rudin- myself included- if abuse and belittlement came with the gig. But the same held true for David Merrick, Jerome Robbins, Arthur Laurents, Jed Harris and countless other producer/director/creators.

And the American Theater would be wildly poorer if they had not been a part of it. Just like the current Broadway culture would be poorer without Rudin's contributions, power and money.

I have no problem with people calling him out on it and talking about it in the press and if he chooses to pursue libel claims against them, then that is his business. But until there are serious and credible reports of physical or sexual assault, then I don't know why it's a thing. Otherwise we are well on our way to a world where if a director says to an intern assistant "That's a bad idea", they will be publicly flogged for emotional battery and silencing their voice.

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