Along with "Cancel," "Toxic" should be dropped from our current vocabulary
Posted by: Jax 03:15 pm EDT 04/11/21
In reply to: ^ This Is 100% the Truth of Our Toxic Industry - Singapore/Fling 02:42 pm EDT 04/11/21

It's become a cliche from bleeding hearts who want to throw a blanket condemnation on everything. So the theatre is "toxic?" Compared to what? Coal mining? Policing? Janitorial work? There are tons of people who would kill to be in the theatre, have glamour jobs, expense accounts, the like. Which is part of why there is so much competition to get into the theatre and get those jobs. Which is why petty tyrants like Scott Rudin can flourish....they're holding the bag of candy.

The way to bring about better behavior by bosses in entertainment -- a HUGE project, sort of like asking the King to curtsy to his subjects -- is not by branding the whole culture "toxic." It's just more empty talk, pure cant

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