I started the water bottle as a joke a few days ago
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It wasn’t dismissing rudin.

But what behavior would lead to people not buying tickets—because that is the bottom line. Would protests out front work—I doubt it. It didn’t close west side story for dancer behaving badly. Investors will still invest in rudin projects as long as they make money—so it won’t stop there. I doubt several court cases (civil at least) would stop him. Criminal case—probably wouldn’t get a conviction on his behavior so far—maybe assault and battery which wouldn’t get jail time.

There will always be a steady stream of hungry assistants putting up with it looking for next break to move on.

To be honest, I wouldn’t stop buying tickets for his shows based on the reports. I didn’t buy music man because i don’t need to see another revival at outrageous prices for a bad seat—not because of rudin.

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