re: Along with "Cancel," "Toxic" should be dropped from our current vocabulary
Posted by: ryhog 03:50 pm EDT 04/11/21
In reply to: Along with "Cancel," "Toxic" should be dropped from our current vocabulary - Jax 03:15 pm EDT 04/11/21

When I read your subject line, I thought maybe you had a point, and then I opened your post and discovered that you undercut that by spewing your own brand of toxicity. Toxicity - or whatever you want to call it - is not something justifiable by comparison. Is it ok that we have asbestos in office walls because it does not cause as much pain and suffering as what miners breathe in coal mines? Wanna know what's toxic? Excusing Rudin's behavior because people want to "be in the theatre." That's what let's Rudin's behavior flourish. Now to your point, yes all of this labeling and all of these petitions etc etc etc are not going to bring about change. But they do highlight the behavior and from that we get new and better laws to combat the evils of workplace bullying and worse. We now have stronger laws, that provide both added encouragement to complain and compensation for doing so (which also serve as an added deterrent to ogres) and mechanisms to prevent the chilling and silencing of complaints. (The voiding of confidentiality agreements in relation to purposeful communication is a big deal.) So yes let's rise above the labels, but let's stop with the fucking apologies.

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