Hey! I just read the article in full!
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And I kinda feel the same way. Yelling at people, forcing them to work ungodly hours, humiliating them. It's awful behaviour that deserves to be known and- as the article points out repeatedly- HAS been known in the industry and beyond for years. Any 20something coming out of NYU or UCLA should be forewarned and forearmed if they accept a gig in his office. Just the way I imagine anyone was who went to work for David Merrick fifty years ago, or Jed Harris before that.

Ultimately he is being judged by the court of public opinion for his work, both for its quality and for its profitability. He is almost inevitably associated with top-drawer art and has good taste in assembling creative teams.

That should in no way stand in the way when he has broken a law and if charges are laid and stick and he goes to trial, I'd shed no tears for him (although I'd mourn the quality projects he ushered to the stage and screen).

I felt the same way about Garth Drabinsky twenty-five years ago.

In my opinion, the assistant who was fired was not fired "because of her diabetes" and her assertion that she could have "100 percent sued him" sounds like a child and that kind of overly-dramatic claim only lessens her position of strength.

But to me this article reeks of a trade publication angling for national prominence in the Ronan Farrow/Kantor & Twohey vein, hoping to vault Ms Siegel into that class of ubiquitous cultural commentators who are perennial pundits on CNN and MSNBC or the subjects of vilification on Fox.

But the good that can come out of it is to reinforce for all but the hardiest souls that perhaps Mr. Rudin is not the wisest person to hang your hat on career-wise and to scale back your desire to be at the pinnacle of power. Because anyone who wants to work for him that much must have a real taste for it.

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