re: I started the water bottle as a joke a few days ago
Posted by: ryhog 04:01 pm EDT 04/11/21
In reply to: I started the water bottle as a joke a few days ago - dramedy 03:27 pm EDT 04/11/21

see what I wrote below. Please stop justifying the behavior based on what people will and won't do in spite of it. Rudin would definitely sit up and listen if confronted with sanctions under the beefed up workplace laws. Punitive damages serve a purpose as do other sanctions. So does the end of confidentiality and attorneys fees. And there is zero doubt that had there been a complaint he would have been convicted of assault (no such thing as battery in NY) and harassment. Would he go to the pokey? Most likely not, unless he was subsequently held in contempt of court, but a conviction is a conviction and (as I think I said elsewhere) investors may not care about conduct but they abhor controversy.

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