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Yes, Dexter was certainly legendary. Other British expats as well. That class of directors who emerged- many from the public school system- in the mid-20th century were inculcated in that classist, rapacious mindset where boys were taught to, first, bury any dignity or strength in service of their "superiors" and then learn how to wield it, presumably in service of Queen & Country.

This weekend we have been remembering The Duke of Edinburgh, for whom Gordounston was a revelatory experience; unfortunately for his son it was not so felicitous.

I never worked with Dexter or Schneider but I did work with other Tony-nominated Brits who could do a good job in making an actor feel small and worthless. Fortunately I was never a whipping boy but I certainly spent the rehearsal period in fear. Perhaps it was this "training" that has corrupted me? But I still feel that I would do it all again if those guys were still alive and creating the productions I saw that were so brilliant and smart and meaningful.

The part that troubles me is the way the pendulum has whipped so forcefully the other direction.

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