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A few days ago, someone else posted that question of who would name names in the current culture, and I almost dropped a name then, but I didn't. And I didn't for the simple reason that the New York theater world is small. I'm fairly anonymous on this site, and I think anything I've posted that would identify me is no longer archived (and would taker a lot of reading to parse a few tidbits here and there); and I doubt that anyone here would readily know who I am, because I've worked in smaller institutions in behind the scenes roles; and I'm not even sure that I want to go back to working in theater once Quarantine lifts... but still, l don't want to take the risk, because what if?

It's not so much for fear of the person I'd be naming as it is caring for my relationships to the people who told me these stories, because they might hire me for jobs in the future, or recommend me to someone who might hire me, and I'm not going to risk that, especially when the response to Rudin is a collective shrug.

It's frustrating, and I feel powerless and am aware that I'm participating in a system that disgusts me, but there are good parts of it, too, and I like being employed.

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