Any memories of Patricia Ann LuPone in Sunset Blvd?
Posted by: DistantDrumming 10:18 am EDT 04/12/21

Did any of you get to see Patti in Sunset on the West End? What are your memories of the production and of Patti's performance? I was a middle schooler in California at the time, so I can only experience Patti's performance retroactively via the cast recording and official and semi-official video excerpts. She, of course, sang the part magnificently -- perhaps better than anyone since -- but if feels like the prevailing sentiment was that she wasn't quite right for the part. Some say she was too young. Admittedly, I only get to view her performance in bits and pieces and not in the theatre, but from what I have seen, I was surprised that I thought her book scenes were as strong as her singing, but I can see how she was almost too vibrant and fiery to be this supposed "faded" movie star. But, perhaps she really was too young at the time. I imagine she might have been more powerful in the role had she played it in her 50s or (given how well her voice held up) even in her early 60s. And, by that time, she would have reached "legend" status on Broadway which probably would have enhanced the experience for the audience.

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