Glad Hal Prince isn't here to see this
Posted by: DistantDrumming 08:07 pm EDT 04/12/21
In reply to: London's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Orchestra Will Be Reduced Upon Reopening - pecansforall 11:33 am EDT 04/12/21

Whatever it's myriad faults, one thing Phantom seemed to get right was understanding that part of the appeal of its spectacle was not just visual -- Prince's cinematic staging and the sumptuous scenic, costume and lighting design -- but also the aural experience. In fact, when he was on the Tony Awards broadcast in 2013 (I THINK his final appearance) he introduced a 25th anniversary performance of Phantom by citing how proud he was that the production still employed 28 musicians in the pit -- the largest orchestra on Broadway at that time.

A few years ago I was kind of dragged to a Phantom performance by a friend. I hadn't seen the show since I was in middle school. While the show is, still, definitely not my cup of tea, I must admit it WAS thrilling hearing that full orchestra play that overture as the chandelier rose.

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