Hardly devastating news to the theatregoer.
Posted by: portenopete 06:48 pm EDT 04/14/21
In reply to: Karen Olivo not returning to MOULIN ROUGE post-shutdown - AC126748 04:03 pm EDT 04/14/21

Kudos to Miss Olivo if she wants to forego a (presumably-) five-figure weekly salary in order to fight for justice. But how many theatregoers actually KNOW she's in the show? Moulin Rouge seems to me to be a Mamma Mia/Cats/Phantom kind of show: the title, the lavish production values, the hit parade score all seem more valuable than either of its stars, neither of whom feature particularly in the promotion I've seen.

And what exactly is she advocating? That the entire theatre community refuse to work in the commercial theatre? A big ask.

She seems to have a wildly overconfident sense of her contribution to the development of Theatre History. "The industry I helped build"? With your supporting role in In the Heights and leading role in a relatively-short-lived revival of West Side Story?

The combination of her dime store, Socialism 101-style pronouncements and the (now ubiquitous) faux-folksy use of "y'all" and "all y'all" makes my skin crawl. I am happy for her if she has attained some new level of Understanding for herself and how she wants to channel her creative energies, but to gaze steelily down the lens of her iPhone to tell the world that they must do the same or else....?

Give me a break.

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