Oh I agree with you 100%
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Nothing wrong with the material at all - far less, in fact, than other shows deemed supposedly problematic like My Fair Lady, Carousel, King and I, etc.
I’m just imagining how both the “woke” liberal media and the right-wing journalists who hate Hollywood and Broadway will have a field day with all the layers at play here... Everyone on both sides of the culture wars weighed in on Scottboro Boys, for example, and accused that show of being hypocritical and trying to have it both ways, including many who I’m convinced haven’t seen that show to this day.

This here is the quintessential no-win situation: in one scenario, Jackman quits the show on principle and, unless another producer can quickly fill in as you suggest (doubtful, at least for this season- presumably, Rudin has the rights tied up for another year or so), then if the cast doesn’t support his decision, he could shoulder the blame for all of them losing a job they’ve been counting on for the previous 2 years of unemployment, and for a decision which, unless other major industry players fall in line boycotting Rudin,, could all come to nothing).
On the other hand, what’s Hugh’s other choice?– to issue, at minimum, a strongly worded statement condemning the behavior of the very producer he’ll be working for for the next year and a half?... and then go right on working for him?? (and as the article indicates, right on the heels of his having been taken to task over the last few years for his chumminess with Ivanka & Jared).

The show is 6 months away from rehearsals, and Olivo today proved that silence won’t be an option – just like the several actors who decided that the culture had become so toxic that it wasn’t worth working for Woody Allen anymore, regardless of his perceived guilt or presumption of innocence - there’s not a single interview, puff piece, or TV report or appearance where Scott Rudin won’t be the story now. Jackman won’t be allowed to deflect or change the subject, and he can’t possibly defend the alleged behavior. So how do you promote a goodtime musical about a man who pulls the wool over the eyes of an entire town, while being forced to talk about a man who’s been outed as having been pulling the wool over the eyes of this entire industry? It’s a real problem for everyone.

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