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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:29 pm EDT 04/14/21
In reply to: Oh I agree with you 100% - ShowGoer 08:57 pm EDT 04/14/21

***On the other hand, what’s Hugh’s other choice?– to issue, at minimum, a strongly worded statement condemning the behavior of the very producer he’ll be working for for the next year and a half?... and then go right on working for him??***

I think that might be a very wise option, and he could stress that his decision was made from the perspective of, "What ultimate good would it do to remove employment for literally hundreds of people for at least a year simply to punish the producer for abusive behavior against some of the people who work for him in his office?" Especially when I'm sure we can all think of many other ways that he might be punished WITHOUT throwing all those people out of work.

But also, as others have noted, it's conceivable that Rudin might be persuaded to step aside completely and yield the show to other producers who, presumably, would be delighted to take it on.

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