I've already seen over a dozen live shows since the Fall
Posted by: GilBenbrook 10:46 pm EDT 04/14/21
In reply to: What would it take to get you back into a theatre? - WWriter 03:48 pm EDT 04/14/21

I've now seen over a dozen shows since last October here in the Phoenix metropolitan area and have reviewed them all in my capacity as the Phoenix regional reviewer for TalkinBroadway. While most of these have been community theatre productions, there have now been several at AEA houses with Equity actors, since those theatres in town have all adhered to the AEA requirements

There have also been a lot of other shows in town - mostly youth shows - that have been running since the Fall, that I didn't see.

Masks have been required by all audience members and the seating is socially distanced and I can honestly say I've felt much safer seeing a show in an enclosed space than I have shopping at my local Home Depot, grocery store or Costco where mask wearing, while required, is not enforced and you can sometimes have a non-mask wearer come right up next to you in an aisle with no where to go

I do wonder if national tours and regional theatre will come back to life much quicker than Broadway since Broadway, I'm assuming, relies much heavier on tourists, while local theatres don't. Also, with national tours many of the tickets are pre-sold to subscribers and here in Phoenix the subscriber base appears to be very big so it would seem like most of those tickets for the touring shows are already sold - the question is, will many subscribers ask for refunds?

One of our best community theatres in town has been operating at about 30% max capacity due to only selling every other row and leaving 2 empty seats between each party, and from what I know they have basically sold out every show they've done at that capacity and are now starting to increase it, as is another theatre in town - so it doesn't seem like audiences being ready to go back to see a show is a problem

I'm also on the board of the non-profit organization in Phoenix that oversees our Theatre Awards program for the community theatres in town and we haven't had any issues with getting judges from our pool of over 100 judges out to see a show to judge it from those who feel comfortable seeing a live show.

So people are definitely ready to go and see a show and here in Phoenix there have been plenty of opportunities for people who feel comfortable seeing a show to do just that

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