A genuine question...
Posted by: Sam890 08:59 am EDT 04/15/21
In reply to: Karen Olivo not returning to MOULIN ROUGE post-shutdown - AC126748 04:03 pm EDT 04/14/21

I'm kinda confused by her video and would genuinely like to understand. Olivo seems to making a point of not returning to Moulin Rouge - does she have a specific grievance with the production team or management of Moulin Rouge? That's not clear to me. Or is she saying that she more generally doesn't want to be a part of the Broadway community any longer? Her argument (from what I can understand from her video) seems rather black and white and simplistic, in that she seems to be suggesting that a Broadway performer cannot continue to perform AND be an ethical person calling out abhorrent behavior in the industry. Am I understanding her correctly?

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