re: Oh I agree with you 100%
Posted by: ryhog 10:19 am EDT 04/15/21
In reply to: re: Oh I agree with you 100% - Michael_Portantiere 12:25 am EDT 04/15/21

What you are saying is that things could snowball and the result would become inevitable. Is that going to happen? I don't think anyone can say for sure but with things like this there are results that become inevitable not because of one statement or one action but because too many slats have been removed from the bed frame. I mentioned a scenario a while back in which he would withdraw as lead producer/managing member because it was the most face-saving result, and also one that would be the least costly to him financially. I think if there is a criminal charge brought against him (and I think that is still possible even if the statute of limitations has run on some of the highly publicized incidents) then I think the ball game is over and the only remaining question is whether he self-destructs (not unprecedented) or finds a way out (also no unprecedented). He has "backed down" in the past (meaning he has withdrawn from projects well into the active phase), and he has also erased his name from the MM website, which suggests something is afoot. What I think is extremely unlikely is for him to formally acknowledge that he has a problem that he needs to address.

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