re: A genuine question...
Posted by: ryhog 11:43 am EDT 04/15/21
In reply to: re: A genuine question... - Leon_W 11:09 am EDT 04/15/21

I don't think Karen is acting in a vacuum. Both the immediate and the broader subject has been widely discussed for a number of years. I also think her base intention is as clear as a bell and I think (as evidenced by some of the public response, not to mention even more private responses) people are getting her message. I have zero issue with what you (or singleticket) say here or your desire to understand. I was reacting to Mikey's questioning her timing and insisting that she needed to tell other people what she wanted them to do. My point is that she does not owe anyone that sort of explanation (and certainly not beyond what she said). What is motivating that insistence? I also don't think my Rosa Parks analogy is as off base as you two make me seem. :-)

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