She seems to be saying...
Posted by: Amiens 12:36 pm EDT 04/15/21
In reply to: re: A genuine question... - ryhog 11:43 am EDT 04/15/21

...that she is fed up with the toxic atmosphere of Broadway and is leaving her show in disgust because of those feelings. And she seems to be asking others (at least those in power positions) to do the same. But she isn't specific in any details about not only her own show and experiences, but any Broadway misbehavior. Yes, we're all aware of Scott Rudin but she's clearly implying there are other abusers and abusive situations.

Rosa Parks didn't have to utter a word to make her intentions clear.

How is Karen Olivo's "base intention....as clear as a bell?" It's a very muddled message for those who don't work or haven't worked on Broadway, and probably for many, like me, who have or do but haven't experienced bad situations. How does one support her intentions and pleas other than "liking" her Insta/Twitter posts? I'm sympathetic to her cause but don't see the value or progress made in her way of expressing it.

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