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Posted by: ryhog 01:13 pm EDT 04/15/21
In reply to: She seems to be saying... - Amiens 12:36 pm EDT 04/15/21

re intention, “Social justice is more important than being the sparkling diamond . . . Building a better industry . . . is more important than putting money in my pockets."

It seems clear to me that this is not just about Scott Rudin, but about indifference to social injustice in the industry. While you and others may not have a full appreciation of social justice because, as you say, not everyone has experienced it, I can't imagine you have not learned a good deal about this subject over the last year. Maybe you would appreciate a more expansive expression (and maybe it will play out in real time) but my point is that she does not have to provide such an expression and certainly not to those for whom her previous messages and activism have not resonated. It just seems to me that folks who seem predisposed against her intentions (and I am not including you in this) have responded by manufacturing a litany of objections to this that are fundamentally specious.

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