Great interview with Nicola from 2019 from Backstage
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Rather unsettling and prescient.

I’m of the Baby Boomer generation and that team of artistic leaders is now coming to the end of our moment and handing off to the next generation of leadership. As we’re doing that, it’s coinciding with major tectonic shifts in the culture, so I’m thinking a lot about this. I’m thinking about when I started, all the great ideas I was so on fire about back then. The Boomers, we were inheriting a relatively new concept and set of structures. Not-for-profit theater, the real grassroots of it was the 1960s. If you want to look really honestly at what took place over the next 40 years, the Boomer generation tried to figure out how to keep those structures alive, how to make them survive. There hasn’t been a lot of room to take a minute to breathe and say, “Well, what should it be? Where do we want to go? What do we want to add to this? How are we going to change it?” It was largely an operation of survival. Now, the ground beneath us has shifted so immensely that I think it’s catching up with us, and what we’re handing off to a newer generation of leadership is very unstable structures. One little earthquake and they’re gonna collapse. It’s a whole new thing to be reinvented, and we’re not leaving them with a good, solid legacy. That’s my honest assessment of it.
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