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He’s going to have to “step away”, but I’m not at all convinced he won’t still be calling the shots and making money. I think the Broadway community will need details and reassurances that he has NOTHING to do with future productions and won’t be profiting from them.

I do hope you’re right and the producers’ league throws a metaphorical potato at him by kicking him out. A move like that would definitely have other offenders in the business take note. There is an opportunity to begin the very long road of healing and trust-building here that goes far beyond Rudin. I hope the producers’ league doesn’t screw it up.

I’m also not 100% convinced “The Music Man” will actually happen. At least, not with Rudin even remotely attached. Sure, other producers will gleefully step in — but the production is eight months from starting previews and already plagued by the bad Beetlejuice mojo (legit or not) and now this much more serious punch of bad karma.

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