re: Update on Scott Rudin
Posted by: mikem 05:21 pm EDT 04/17/21
In reply to: re: Update on Scott Rudin - Roman 02:08 pm EDT 04/17/21

I would tend to agree that it's difficult to tell what any of this actually means. None of these shows are opening any time soon, and we have no idea what he means by "step back from active producing." From a strategic business standpoint, his agreeing to step back makes it harder for the story to gain momentum.

Morgan Wallen, a country music artist, was caught on video using the n-word in February, and his record label said they were "suspending" his recording contract indefinitely. As with Rudin, it's completely unclear what that means. He hasn't released any new material in the past two months, but they are still manufacturing CDs to sell (and his latest album was the biggest album in the country of any genre for several weeks both before and after this "suspension," so it's completely unclear whether this "suspension" had any actual impact).

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