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Posted by: Chazwaza 09:05 pm EDT 04/17/21
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I'm sorry but I think you're misusing the word "certain" ... a Hollywood Reporter says that a "knowledgable source" says that she say this, privately. Sutton hasn't said she said it, nor has Rudin, nor has anyone who's name is useable. I'm not saying I don't believe that she did, it doesn't actually matter if I think she did or not, or would have, or that whoever this source is is actually speaking 100% the truth. The point is that something overheard by a "source" and told to a reporter and put in an article does not make it "certain"ly what happened.

I hope she did, and I hope Hugh said more to Rudin than what the other unnamed source says he did.

Also... I think it is worth considering that it is a very different thing for Sutton to leave this production than Hugh. This revival IS Hugh... it is happening specifically because he wanted to and made time to do it, and Sutton was cast after the Hugh Jackman IN The Music Man was an established product Rudin would produce, to play opposite him. If Sutton quits on account of Rudin, a hundred people do not lose their jobs... if she quits, the production re-casts the role. If Hugh leaves, the production shutters. ... it's possible Hugh didn't want to make any moves until he had a better sense of this. It's also possible he was scared to, or that he didn't think it was a problem or something for him to address (I would disagree with him if so)... I am just saying we don't know.

Yes, Hugh could and should/should have used that massive power to make the *threat*, but IF we're *assuming* he didn't (aka that we believe the unnamed source's recounting of the calls, AND that there wasn't anything else said between Hugh and Rudin), then we don't know that he wouldn't if Rudin hadn't made the decision and announcement when he did. But we also don't know what was weighing on Hugh's mind about what could happen to this hot ticket production and its large group of employees and artists.

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