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Posted by: ryhog 10:04 pm EDT 04/17/21
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I have said much of this elsewhere but it is worth saying it again. What you are envisioning, some sort of public statement-a-thon, is not how these types of things transpire in reality. This was handled privately and (hopefully) effectively. I would not expect to hear how it went down or what demands were made. All you need to know if that Rudin has stepped aside (something that he hopefully realizes is not just window dressing). Jackman's brand is bigger than Rudin's. He (meaning his people) will not put him in a dicey situation. If Rudin does not do what he says, the show will blow up. There can be no Rudin at rehearsals, there can be no Rudin phone calls, there can be no Rudin at opening night celebrating, there can be no Rudin at the Tonys. The conversation with Rudin was not with talent. The people concerned about this blowing up are calling the shots. That's all I have to say on the subject; you can of course believe a different scenario if you prefer.

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