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Posted by: Chazwaza 11:31 pm EDT 04/17/21
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I have no idea what you're replying to in my reply to that poster, or why you're talking down to me in this tone. When have we even exchanged thoughts about this?

I was replying to the idea that we know for "certain" what either Hugh or Sutton has said or done on the Music Man insider calls behind closed doors, or to Rudin personally... we do not. I don't know what narrative or scenario you think I'm imagining or pushing here... If anything my comment is in agreement with what you're saying here, except for one part...

If you are upset that I've implied that Hugh Jackman sometimes speaks personally to Scott Rudin, one of the biggest film and theater producers in the world, who is producing an enormous musical revival as a vehicle for him and the biggest thing he's done on stage in 16 years, because you think he only speaks to Rudin through his reps... well... no, I do not believe that. But I really have no idea why you're saying this to me let alone in that weirdly dismissive and annoyed tone as if you've explained this to me several times and I don't understand reality... this is my first real comment on this subject here, and it was in specific response to someone referencing the calls referred to in the HR article.

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