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Backtracking to the exclusive Hollywood Reporter account of the announcement of the revival of The Music Man --

*there is mention of Rudin's obssession with The Music Man when he was young and starting on his career in the theatre
*the conversation to get Jackman to play the role took all of THREE years

so they may have been in discussions on a personal basis about the possibility of Hugh's involvement.

Not many knew ( including me) that Rudin was one of the co-producers for The River, so it was likely that they re-established links some
time after it closed in early 2015.

Also noted that Hugh was busy with 2 major career projects at that time - Logan & The Greatest Showman, both released in 2017 as well as filming The FrontRunner. He was probably also starting to plan for his eventual 90-music tour in mid to late 2019. But the conversations were continuing.
Link https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hugh-jackman-lead-broadway-revival-music-man-1194075

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