re: Sutton
Posted by: ryhog 12:49 am EDT 04/18/21
In reply to: re: Sutton - Chazwaza 11:31 pm EDT 04/17/21

Sorry, miscommunication re my reference to prior posts on this subject. I did not intend it in reference to you. I was just acknowledging that I was repeating something similar I had said in a different response. Nothing negative intended and I hope you understand that I was not annoyed with you at all but I can see how you read it as you did and for that sloppiness I am sorry. I agree in general we are on the same page except with respect to my speculation about how this "resolution" came about. I do not believe they spoke directly for a couple of reasons but I am certainly not upset about it (with you or anyone). No reason for us to dwell on it.

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