I hesitate to say this...
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...for fear it will be looked at as taking Rudin’s side. I firmly do not. When I was younger I was on the receiving end of abhorrent behavior by a currently active producer, some of which rose to the levels people are discussing with Rudin. In no way do I condone any of it.

But people in this thread seem almost joyful at the prospect of Rudin’s disappearing from the Broadway scene. Just remember, other producers may well step in on “The Music Man.” But does anyone think someone else will now take a chance on things like “A Doll’s House, Part II” or “Gary” or any of the dozens of other interesting things Rudin has brought us (which have provided work to so many)? Think about all the productions he’s brought to Broadway. If he steps back we will all be much, much the poorer for it. I think all of this is just terrible—his anger problems, his victimization of others, and his cancellation, too.

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