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No. No. This is NOT too much information. This is great.
Thank you!

Her (i.e., “their”, which is one of Ms Olivo’s preferred methods of identity-syntax) instagram post was all over the place. But this is good. Reading “their” interview with the magazine clarifies A LOT. Olivo is speaking of a huge vision for completely de-constructing and reconstructing commercial theatre, Actors Equity, and, by implication, the star system, the real estate system upon which Broadway functions, issues of skin-color, and race and ethnic identification. It seems both idealistic and anarchic, but it’s unified. And Olivo’s speaking also, to my listening, implicates United States capitalism, I think, at quite the precarious time for it.

Good for Olivo for speaking all of this into existence, even if it seems very pie-in-the-sky and may aspire to bring absolutely everything crashing down in order to rebuild.

Interesting human being: Wikpedia says Olivo uses both she/her pronouns and they/them pronouns, and, in terms of race, also according to wikpedia, which we know may be inaccurate, Olivo embodies Chinese and Native American, as well as Puerto Rican and Dominican ethnicities (and the latter two of which could encompass both “black” and “white” as well). Very Interesting vessel for change.

Olivo seems to be taking her role as educator quite seriously. One need not be right in order to speak out.

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