re: I hesitate to say this...
Posted by: AC126748 09:12 am EDT 04/18/21
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You're not the only person to make this argument, and I understand where it's coming from. But I also think it's somewhat short-sighted. Scott Rudin is not the only person with good taste in the industry. Over the past twenty-odd years, though, he's been able to establish himself almost monopolistically as Broadway's prestige producer -- and in doing so, create as environment in which people say things like, "If not for him, who would be producing this work?" There are a lot of people who would take risks and bold swings. They haven't all been given the opportunity. The landlords don't hold 5-10 theaters for them a season so they can essentially function as the artistic director of Broadway. I think it's healthy to move away from this post-hoc way of thinking and see what's possible in an ecosystem where Rudin isn't taking up most of the air in the room.

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