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Posted by: ryhog 10:33 am EDT 04/18/21
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very useful highlighting of the "post-hoc way of thinking" and the ecosystem. Broadway survived many deaths of producers and would survive Rudin getting the dead-to-me treatment. With all of the new forces presenting themselves now, it's worth contemplating whether Rudin's "good taste" has meant all that much. With Jim Nicola's announcement the other day, one might consider how his contribution to Broadway stacks up against Rudin's. (Following up on a point made in the thread about Jim, would Rudin have ever heard of Ivo had it not been for Jim?) Maybe Gary would not have been produced sans Rudin, but what else might have been? And more to the point perhaps, if there were more POC producers, is there any doubt that we would have been enriched in different ways? A lot of people here are excited about The Music Man, but what does it mean to POC? These are things to consider in this moment, I think. There are many others. The "taste" shows Rudin has produced are mostly "non-profit" literally but not structurally. Would we be better served with more non-profits? Would we be better served if the Shuberts had been denied their unique for-profit-within non-profit structure? A lot of people think Broadway is broken; not many of them think Rudin is the way to fix it, and that has nothing to do with his abhorrent behavior.

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