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Posted by: Chazwaza 11:26 am EDT 04/18/21
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All that, sure. But let's be clear... one of the key elements that producers like Rudin enjoy about the position is the access and relationships with famous actors and directors. There is no reason they would be kept separate unless needing to speak, and beyond that I'm sure that Rudin absolutely would be dining with Hugh, etc, to discuss projects... even assuming it's not truly friendship based, it's advantageous. Let's also not forget that while Hugh is an enormously well liked and famous performer, it's not like he gets his pick of A-level films all the time, and has a slew of Oscar level credit. Rudin produces movies that turn actors into critical/awards royalty... I'm sure Hugh has plenty of reason to make time for the personal touch with him. But beyond his film work, he is obviously a major A-level broadway producer, and though rare for him to have time for it, Hugh loves theater.
There's every reason for them to have the kind of relationship where they dine together and get on the phone personally, not just through reps or employees.

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