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I appreciate your points.

His discussions with Rudin in the past could have been re exploring new stagings of classic plays or even classical theatre ( part of Hugh's training) -- but that is no longer a possibility after Rudin said he is stepping away from Broadway.

At this point in his film career, Hugh is turning to more dramatic material (Bad Education)...and while talking to Rudin re the current debacle, he was also signing up for a new movie. It is "The Son" , the second of Florian Zeller trilogy. His "The Father" is now up for Best Picture and Best Actor Oscar. Zeller is announced to direct. He has completed the adapted screenplay ( with Christopher Hampton). Empire said that it will likely shoot this year. Presumably that will happen before rehearsals for The Music Man start.

His longtime agent is WME's Co-Head Patrick Whitesell who has advised him on projects to take ( like Les Miserables and The Boy From Oz) but is not known to discuss projects in Hugh's behalf with creatives/producers. He would send Hugh projects/scripts to consider. After Hugh has made a decision, then his representation would discuss terms of reference in the contracts. He did intervene with WarnerBros on the decision to put new film releases ( including Hugh's new film Reminiscence) on simultaneous release ( theaters and streaming), resulting in a redating till late August ( when it is likely more theaters will be opened). But it is likely that if there is one person Hugh must have consulted re the Rudin situation, it would have been Whitesell.

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