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Posted by: ryhog 12:05 pm EDT 04/18/21
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I don't want to dwell on this much more or say much more, but just to be clear...

I completely agree they have or could have had the sort of business-social connections you describe. But I still think it is highly unlikely they spoke directly on this. The interactions you describe are upbeat and positive; whoever had these conversations with Rudin, they were not pleasant. This is not about "let me convince you to do my show." This is existential and that is not a conversation either of them would want to have with the other. Is Rudin going to scream at Jackman? No. Is Jackman going to threaten Rudin? No. These are things best handled obliquely. Fwiw and for somewhat the same reasons, I was not suggesting the call would have been with his representation. Jackman has deep and long standing ties in the Broadway community (and in Hollywood, of course). I don't really want to say more, except to add that I am not basing anything I am saying on any inside info so we are all of course free to speculate with abandon.

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